The Taberna Portuguese was born in September 1979, and was gradually conquering many Adeptus Lusitanian cuisine in central-western Brazil, under the care of Benedict that was bold and determined to overcome all obstacles and stumbling until it reaches its meta.A consolidation his career came 17 years ago, with the union of two weights and measure! A Great gourmet and Administrator, which together equated resulted in the recipe: Success! In this period the Tavern has undergone a reengineering menu of high gastronomy, where the couple and Sonia allied Benedict, raw material of high quality in all its products, practicality, good presentation, dish economically viable and distinctive flavor, it does little good if has no flavor.

With this came the launch of several dishes such as: the Teapot Cod, Cod to Amauri, Rice Shrimp to Armantes Cod to Sydney, spaghetti Anna Carolina, Lobster Sonia Hugs and others. Where Benedict honors clients, friends, colleagues and family members who together write your story in this company, which for eight years with hard work won its own headquarters. Today, even being conservative, Benedict accompanies Sonia in Congress gastronomic events and Enology and Viticulture, always seeking what is best in the market to meet the most demanding and refined palates of their customers because they know that tradition is not synonymous with longevity.

Already 33, the seed germinated and grew is giving many fruits, because the house retains its character and makes the business you do best without ever losing focus. Something bad, you need to make it very clear, none of this success would have happened if it were not for the partnership and loyalty of all our customers and friends who accompany us for all these years. So there are no words to measure the importance of each one of you on this achievement.

We would like to emphasize that our profession we love, bad love of passion each of you, customers, friends, suppliers and employees.

Our very heartfelt thanks for another Year

Bento and Sonia



Panels with multicolored prints and report grandiose architectural beauties of the land-mater, from overseas, inspires us on a journey through time. Soon we come to memory the story conveyed in school enrollment, which tells of the caravels sailing on the seas, never before sailed and the image of the brave navigators, responsible for our discovery to the world, legatees of the blood of our ancestors, as well as language, legal institutions, religion and our traditions, we built a continental civilization, called Brazil. And sometimes we digress giving wings to imagination, packed by favonios winds of memories, put in the reliquary of our memory supported by outstanding deeds of illustrious forerunners in this new land, fearless sons of beloved homeland Lusitana told us that the old masters, now returned to live with the reality savoring the tasty Portuguese cuisine and wines that recall the taverns of Alfama, the doleful sound of fado, making the hours pass, without understanding the magnetism of the pleasant ambience to attend.

In the Tavern you live the emotions of the fruit of warmth demanding and frequent guests and diners of good food, which make everything more cozy and attractive, an upper chamber, where the past and present mingled give vent to our imagination and rise to prestannos honors in homage admiration and respect to our dear innãos Portuguese, motivated by the clinking of glasses and periquitas taste of tasty cod Camonianas land. The most important is that this simple and seductive Tavern on the predominance of green and yellow colors we like the retina, the similarity polychromatic, with the national colors, feel happy and genuine haven of traditional delicacies, always recipiendados the singular presence of the couple Benedict and Sonia, property owners, who have the power to transfer to a magical divining goers the impression of being in their own homes. Those who live in the ambience of Taberna Portuguese, Portugal feel closer to Coimbra doctors, kings of Sintra, Fatima miracles and charming Port, feel the history in short indeed feel more beating Brazil in the uncontrollable emotions emanating sensitivity by those who understand the present and conscious palmilharem the paths of the future, believe should master as recommended and good to know the history.

It is not without reason that Portugal is known as "the garden of Europe planted by the sea." And living here in faraway Taberna Portuguese Cuiabá is feeling a little flavor of the petals of this enchanted garden watering and distance-I with the sacred tears of nostalgia or emotions, as proud descendants this land beyond the sea, by which we devote tributes and fraternal affection.

Teócles Maciel


"It took a war in South Africa, so that to establish itself here in faraway Cuiabá, with Bento and its wonderful typical Portuguese food, but that every society cuiabana loves."

Mário Marques


"The Portuguese Tavern today represents for us an important Mato Grosso icon Lusitanian cuisine, installed on Geodesic Center of Tourism of Mato Grosso."

Ricarte de Freitas


"The investment of this magnitude Portuguese Tavern was a great gift to Cuiaba."

Paul Ronan



By murals painted oil canvases of landscapes Portuguese. Évora ago, Keys and its beautiful river, the wind mills and the front Belém Tower to witness the Portuguese conquests. A beautiful plate lost a journey, seems to evoke a multitude of colorful dishes to the wall as if to demonstrate satisfaction of being present.

I would like to convey his virtuous memory of those who made this house, and we never forget that a good restaurant is a faithful portrait of the master himself.

Congratulations on your excellent Portuguese cuisine!

From a appreciator

Sergio Jbeilli